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Shounen Hakaryuudo 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 0 user reviews.

Shounen Hakaryuudo

Shounen Hakaryuudo

Happiness will be granted to those who obtain the wings of a nymph. Due to this legend, many nymph hunters prey upon them for their wings. The Nymph Hogodantai is an organization that protects nymphs from hunters.?These nymphs are mysterious people that live in hidden villages, can hide their wings at all, and have the power of illusion. Ren, a nymph in disguise, is a hunter traveling the land, searching for the nymph who betrayed his friendship and destroyed his village, Iia. Along the way, Ren meets Ciel, a member of the Nymph Hogodantai. In spite of their conflicts of interest, Ciel tags along with Ren as he follows traces of Iia. Can Ren keep his identity secret? What are Ciel`s motives? (Source: shinkeikaku)

Author: -

Category: Adventure, Fantasy, Shoujo

Date Added: Jan 01, 1970

Status: Ongoing Shounen Hakaryuudo 26 is coming next...

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