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Kirameki no Lion Boy Manga

Kirameki no Lion Boy Manga

Author(s):Maki Youko

Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): Sparkly LION BOY; Искрящийся лев; きらめきのライオンボーイ; 闪闪发光的狮子男孩; 라이언 보이

Manga Summary: "Forever and ever, be by my side, and protect me" Takanose Miwa, a high school freshman, is a pretty but clumsy girl who loves manga more than reality. Her love is on the level that she does not care about the real world—like doesn't know about school rumors and doesn't believe in romance in the real world. One day she meets Nakajou Kiriatsu, a good-looking guy who looks like the lead male of her favourite manga. Kiriatsu is popular because he is nonchalant, cool and hard to read, though actually, he is just a natural airhead. As Miwa is at risk of getting bullied by a certain bad guy Inokura, Kiriatsu decides to protect her...​

Kirameki no Lion Boy Manga Chapters List